Support a monk

The monks are the mediators of the Neydo lineage who bestow the teachings on-to the next generation. The monastery tries it's level best to provide the monks with basic needs like - food, clothes, running clean water, electricity, stationary, medical supplies and more. It is all through the blessings of Buddha, timeless efforts of teachers and generosity of benefactors from all over the world, the monastery has been able to sustain it's lineage and the monks it inhabits.

You too can support us in multiple ways, & be a part of something bigger than yourself.
1. Communicate about Neydo
2. Participate and encourage participation at our events
3. Volunteer at daily chores
4. Make direct or indirect donations

We invite you to help us in our efforts to keep the monastery running well. We look forward to your selfless support and would be delighted to share with you Buddha's way of life to encourage a peaceful & satisfied life.